Composer Niels Eje as keynote speaker at CPH University Hospital
MusiCure introduced at a Childrens department in Spain 2012

Feedback and experiences with MusiCure - from users around the world

We are greatly appreciative and thankful for the correspondence we receive in the form of letters and emails from all users of MusiCure - both private individuals and professional healthcare practitioners and staff. It is very inspirational and valuable for us to hear how the music is being used, and gratifying to know that MusiCure appeals to all age groups and is being used for so many different purposes.
Below you will find a small selection from this broad range of feedback we have received from users of the MusiCure CD’s and we hope that you also will find them inspiring and encouraging.

Parents and children:
"My 5½-year-old son has ADHD/DAMP and has had difficulty sleeping because he is so restless, some days being worse than others. I heard about the music and went to the pharmacy. I turned it on for the first time when we got home from work/pre-school, and what happened? We both fell asleep. It is incredibly soothing and relaxing, and as my son says: ‘Mummy, it’s sleep music!' Since then I have played it in his room when he has had difficulty sleeping or is having a bad day. It is a fantastic thing you have made and we are very thankful for it.”

Post-traumatic stress
I have worked for the Danish defence forces since 1987 and am currently a Staff Sergeant working at the Army Operational Command in Denmark. After being stationed in Bosnia in 1994 where I was involved in direct battle action, I have since been diagnosed as suffering from post-traumatic stress. This came to expression quite dramatically six years after the event. I was suddenly overcome by severe anxiety attacks, and have subsequently had long periods of illness. I have received help from a psychologist and been given tools that make life bearable again today. One day while I was waiting to see the psychologist, I read an article in a journal that made reference to MusiCure, and I simply had to try it out to see if it could give me peace again and enable me to feel relaxed. The answer is yes! In fact with quite dramatic effect, and I’d spent so much money on treatment and medication, where nothing else has had a better impact than this form of music. I’m not the only one today who suffers psychological after effects from being deployed in a battle region. There are several thousand of us, who in recent years have been present in places that are not human or natural for people from our culture to be in. I therefore hope to be able to spread my knowledge of the music, and I am happy to provide details of my experience in using the music and the concept.

Language of The Soul
(quote: customer review at
All (3) of the Musicure CD's shown here offer far and away some of the most calming and relaxing music ever recorded. I've been sending them to friends who were diagnosed with cancer and are going or have gone through hour after hour of painful chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Every last one of them made a point of telling me how much these sounds helped them through the toughest moments, and helped them sleep. Music truly is the "language of the soul," and my recommendation of these particular CD's couldn't be higher.

MusiCure and concentration:

I want to tell you about a very exciting experience I had with MusiCure in connection with my work. I work as a vocational psychologist with employee development, and one of my areas is reading and reading research. Many normal adults read very slowly. Their reading speed is between 180-250 words per minute. With two days’ training they can achieve speeds of around 1000 words per minute, and with much better comprehension.
This is where you come into the picture. I have experimented with combining your music and speed reading. It’s amazing what happens. Their reading speed increases significantly, and at the same time, they feel much more relaxed. A very interesting development!
It is clear that the right brain hemisphere is being stimulated, and the left hemisphere can use its resources to concentrate on the reading.
I think this is very interesting and definitely worth taking further.

Private user of MusiCure:
I have just been through an extended period of extreme physical and emotional stress, resulting in heart palpitations, high pulse rate, anxiety, muscle tension and insomnia. In my efforts to escape from this stress I have really benefited from MusiCure. By lying down, closing my eyes, and listening to the music and relaxing, I experienced a significant positive effect on my pulse rate and the tension in my body after 10-15 minutes. I was quite astonished and pleasantly surprised by this clear effect. I have now chosen to combine the music with breathing exercises and integrate this “séance” into my daily routine. This is really helping me.
I am in absolutely no doubt about the healing and calming effects of the music and look forward to the next releases.

Parents and children:

I put on the CD and lay down on the sofa to relax a little. My 6-year-old daughter, S., loves music and loves to dance. When she heard the music, she came into the lounge room wearing a long skirt, and danced around on her toes like a ballerina with her hands over her head. Then she said: “It sounds like when the sea rises in the morning". I corrected her, saying: “It’s the sun that rises in the morning”. She answered: “Yes, but you can’t hear that”.
“My two children call MusiCure, “Dream music”, because they love to hear it in the evenings. The music does not remind you of anything in particular, but simply makes your thoughts soar, and (as my daughter says) leads to different dreams/thoughts every time you listen to it. My family were thrilled when no. 2 was released. When we only had no. 1, the CD player had to sit halfway between their rooms. Now they can each have one in their rooms”.
Healthcare professionals:
Just a note to let you know that the Musicure CD works wonders. I work at an adult day care centre here in US, with people with Alzheimers, Downs Syndrome, Mental
Disabilities, Stroke Patients, and other disabilities. I took the CD to work and played it for these people and we were all amazed at their response. We had played classical music and other types of music for them in the past, but they seemed to not be affected by it in the least, as they continued to be noisy, disruptive, and combative with each other, (as is the daily habits of some of them). From the very beginning of this CD they all sat down, were very still and attentive, and no one made a sound for 70 minutes. This was amazing because to keep them still and quiet for 10 minutes was stretching it. Needless to say they loved it and the rest of the day was the most peaceful one I've experienced there.

MusiCure and Stress (private user):
Background: I have been plagued by stress for years due to work pressures and my inability to unwind properly. The stress just got worse and worse. In the end I had virtually only one thought in my head, to cope with my work, as I had already been on sick leave twice in one year due to stress. No matter what I tried, nothing worked. I couldn’t focus. Massage only helped temporarily. Hours of expensive therapy that previously had some effect also stopped working. I became more and more desperate, and also completely exhausted – even though my body and brain were in a constant state of alert. I ended up resigning because I simply could not go on – I had to stop the vicious circle. I spent three weeks in constant anxiety, my body and mind always on alert, so that I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, couldn't bear to think about my situation. My mind continued to work on overdrive, in constant anxiety and stress. I could see no way out of the situation!
I went to the doctor and poured out my troubles. I just wanted to be admitted somewhere. I felt I simply couldn't look after myself. I had even had thoughts of suicide. But there are no official care solutions for burnout (I have found that this relatively new national affliction is lagging behind in prevention!).
I was sent away with a prescription for some medication which the label said was a muscle relaxant, anxiety suppressant and sedative. It also said it was addictive, and I didn't like the thought of starting on it.
MusiCure’s effect on me: Home from the Pharmacy with the nerve medication and my newly purchased MusiCure CD no. 2 (Northern Light), I decided that I could wait to take the medication until the next day. Exhausted, I lay on my sofa-bed in front of my stereo and began listening to MusiCure. I listened for about two hours, slept about two hours, and continued in this fashion until 8.00 am the next morning… and by then a miracle had happened! My body was almost at ease, I felt a hint of inner happiness… and I felt like eating breakfast! Since then I have been much calmer and can think more clearly. I have taken a few pills (bowing to authority), but now I use the pills as a backup if necessary. I now use MusiCure to fall asleep to, to wake up to, and if I need to relax during the day.
I am still a long way from being stress-free, that will no doubt take time, but it has been fantastic to experience how much this music has helped my situation. It is now one of the most important elements in my process of self healing. I hope you will also take a look at stress/burnout along the way, it is turning into a widespread phenomenon. I am more than happy to provide details of my experience if it would be useful.

MusiCure and everyday routines (private user):
I recently bought “The Journey” MusiCure 1 CD to take with me on my daily commuting by train to and from work: Odense - Copenhagen. The daily travel can
often be stressing due to the amount of people and often seating is a problem. I have a busy schedule both at work and at home, and I have found that listening to the CD makes my journey much more pleasant. I can just close my eyes and let the music paint pictures of tranquillity and inspiration in my mind, and I often fall asleep because I get so relaxed. The CD runs for about the same time as my journey, and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next project. I will most definitely
buy the other CD's also, but I'm far from tired of this one. I highly recommend the CD.