MusiCure Pillow® - The Healthy way of Listening - CE marked - Registered as Medical device in class 1

The MusiCure Pillow is a specially designed comfortable 'memory foam' pillow with a built-in speaker cabinet sound system that reproduce high quality sound. The pillow is designed for optimal personal and intense listening to the evidence-based MusiCure music - but also, as a "healthy" alternative to ear plugs and headphones.
MusiCure Pillow comes with approved hospital hygiene cover, developed specifically for hospitals and care centers, as well as all other areas of the healthcare sector.

Approved for use in Healthcare
Officially approved for use in the entire healthcare sector the MusiCure Pillow is CE marked and registered as a Class 1 Medical Device.
Based on research, VTV studies and experience in daily use in hospitals and care centers, the pillow was in 2019 registered as a medical device and CE marked according to applicable EU standards. The MusiCure Pillow is developed over a period of 10 years and are continuously being updated.

Product specifications  The MusiCure Pillow is made of Visco Elastic Memory Foam, which ensures maximum comfort and optimal head and neck support.
All material contained in the pillow, as well as covers and cables are approved, and CE marked according to applicable EU standards. The pillow comes with a convenient travel and storage bag that protects the pillow, and it is always recommended to keep the pillow in the bag when not in use.
The Pillow is always delivered with an MP3 player which contains a stress reducing MusiCure music program of just over an hour by composer Niels Eje, and the player also has built-in Bluetooth function. The player is rechargeable with the included USB cable, which can be connected to a computer or an approved mobile charger, and the player can play for up to 15 hours on a charge. This version of the pillow is targeted especially for use in hospitals and institutions, etc.
Professional experiences with the MusiCure Pillow
The pillow is used with positive results and a high patient satisfaction rate in many hospital departments throughout Scandinavia and Europe.

The MusiCure Pillow can be ordered directly below via the Order Form. MusiCure Pillow GFO 20178 - The pillow measures 50x30x7/10 cm. and weighs 850 g.
Price per unit 436 EUR ex. VAT. Shipping is added
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Video manual with instructions on how to activate the MusiCure player and the MusiCure Pillow.

New player with MusiCure program for the MusiCure Pillow composed and produced by Niels Eje. The MusiCure Pillow is approved for use in the entire healthcare sector. CE marked and registered as a Class 1 Medical Device

Nurse Anne Taylor (RN BSN) Reston - USA,  presents MusiCure and the MusiCure Pillow and explain about the effect of both the music and the Musicure Pillow.

The effect of the MusiCure Pillow

Project results with patients from North Zealand's Hospital, Denmark 2021
Treatment of Delirium with the MusiCure Pillow
• Comes out of the delirious state faster
• Requires less supervision
• Medicine consumption is reduced
• Discharged from hospital earlier

The graph on the poster shows
• 69% of patients came out of delirium after 2-13 hours of music.
• 23% of the patients had some effect from the music, but were still delirious.
• 7% of patients had no effect of music

Reference: Report from North Zealand's Hospital, Denmark 2020/21 'Music as a complimentary treatment method for hospitalized patients with delirium' - under menu RESEARCH there is a link to a PDF report prepared by Camilla Engelstoft Hess Clinical Nursing Specialist, cand.cur.