- with the overall aim of creating a positive, motivating and less stressful environment in departments and institutions - for the benefit of all.

MusiCure Pillow

A high quality pillow with our specially developed sound system built into the pillow, with sound in high quality. The pillow is approved and registered as a class 1 medical device.
We offer direct sales of the MusiCure Pillow to hospitals, care centers and institutions, and furnishing sensory rooms etc. The pillow is an effective tool for stress relief and better sleep for patients and residents.
A player with a soothing one hour MusiCure program and a manual with instructions is included.

References and links to published articles and research with MusiCure Pillow

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MusiCure Stream

More than 40 hours of evidence based music programs and MusiCure nature films, developed over 20 years, on the basis of international research.
All made available in our own streaming service, where specific programs and collections are being updated continuously according to research.
A subscription with username and password provides direct access to all channels in the streaming service, and MusiCure Stream is aimed at both institutions and private users.
The service is used today in hospital wards, care centers and institutions.

References to research projects with MusiCure Stream, and published articles: 

  1. Effects of Non pharmacologic Distraction Methods on Children's Postoperative Pain - A Non-matched Case Control Study. 
  2. Evaluating Pictures of Nature and Soft Music on Anxiety and WellBeing During Elective Surgery 
  3. Music and Films with special Nature atmospheres for patients and relatives 

 MusiCure Complete

Music and nature atmospheres as an overall positively stimulating solution. Streaming and the MusiCure pillow are here combined, as the optimal MusiCure solution, with professional introduction and guidance.
The combination of MusiCure Stream and MusiCure Pillow is offered as a solution for hospital wards, care centers or other institutions, creating an overall calm and inspiring atmosphere, for the benefit of both patients, staff and relatives.
References to tests and existing solutions:

Examples of comprehensive solutions with MusiCure in hospital wards - Odense University Hospital and OUH Svendborg

MusiCure as a complete solution in the ICU at OUH Svendborg

MusiCure was introduced at OUH Svendborg Hospital in 2016 at the initiative of nurse and quality coordinator Susanne Winther Olsen, and after a 6-months test period, the music and nature films became a permanent part of the hospital's offer to patients in the Anesthesiology Intensive Care Unit V in Svendborg. Most recently, the large acoustic dampening pictures, with motifs from the MusiCure films, have been placed in the hospital corridors. It creates a unique connection between music, film and images, and creates a beautiful and life-affirming whole. The more than 20 MusiCure acoustic dampening pictures are produced in collaboration with AKUART A/S.

Odense University Hospital Waking up after surgery
with music and film

A very positive and innovative initiative was taken in 2019 at the COPA Recovery Unit, Anaesthesiology-Intensive Unit V in Odense, Denmark, where patients, during awakening after surgery, could experience both MusiCure music by the pillow and MusiCure nature films on large screens, set up in the ceiling at the end of the bed. In connection with this project, 98% of the patients expressed that they experienced the sensory stimulation as soothing and relaxing, and that they wished they could receive the offer a second time. Simultaneously, the number of agitated and extroverted patients, who were assessed as exhibiting a moderate to high risk of threatening behaviour fell from 3% to 0.7% amung the patients where the sensory experience was offered. It is expected that the Sensory Experience will allow the 24,000 patients, who annually experience awakening after anesthesia at OUH, to wake up in as safe, calm and comfortable surroundings as possible. The department subsequently received the hospital's innovation award for this initiative!