MusiCureStream - our exclusive streaming service 


All MusiCure music and film programs presented on one common platform

MusiCureStream is our own streaming service, where all material is made available through 8 separate channels featuring both the evidence based music, films with nature and special procedure programs for treatment, as well as an 8 hour Night/Sleep program. A separate channel also include all the 12 original MusiCure albums. All contents in the 8 channels are available around the clock when you have a subscription to the service. The 8 channels include:

1. MusiCure music channel - specially composed MusiCure programs with nature atmospheres. AUDIO
2. MusiCure film channel with nature atmospheres from all over the world, without speech, and only with MusiCure music as background. FILM
3. Procedure channel - specific and timed treatment programs with MusiCure. AUDIO
4. Mental stimulation, targeted to care centers and also aimed at treatment of dementia. FILM
5. All original MusiCure CD albums. AUDIO
6. Nature atmospheres with original sounds of nature
7. MusiCure film trailers with shorter versions of the nature films
8. Night / Sleep channel - 8 hours of quiet MusiCure music for sleep and the sound of the ocean waves all night - where the waves are specially edited for deep rest and sleep. After 8 hours, you slowly wake up to MusiCure music and waves, along with the natural sounds from the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. AUDIO

MusiCure Film - nature atmospheres, produced especially to the MusiCure music

Research have shown with great clarity that evidence-based music and special nature sceneries, without speech, can increase the quality of life and patient satisfaction by up to 98%.

Films with nature, recorded and edited specifically for the MusiCure music, are an important part of the overall MusiCure repertoire. The nature films are recorded and produced by Inge Mulvad Eje and edited together with composer Niels Eje, and the intention of the films is to convey a total experience of live images and music with both calming and inspiring effect. Patients who are waking up after an operation, usually experiences only the white walls of the room, or non-stop news and ‘hospital info’ on the screens that may be available, and none of these scenarios are particularly life-affirming. Research and experience show with great clarity that evidence-based music and beautiful nature sceneries, without speech or inserted text. Studies have shown that the MusiCure films can increase the quality of life and patient satisfaction by up to 98%.  As a ‘positive distraction’, during many different procedures at the hospital, the MusiCure films have also proved very suitable for creating a more calming and motivating atmosphere for the patients.