Niels Eje, composer - Oboist & Sound designer
Creator of MusiCure

Niels Eje, Composer and Oboist

Niels Eje is a Danish composer and the creator of "MusiCure", which is the name of the original evidence-based, specially composed music, developed since the 1990s for the purpose of treatment, stress reduction, inspiration and motivation for patients.
Niels Eje is educated as an oboist at the Conservatory of Music and was employed for 12 years as co-principal Oboe in the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra. In 1990, Niels chose to resign from his permanent position in order to realize his own projects and visions, i.a. with the ensemble Trio Rococo and other activities with chamber music, composition, production and sound design.

Niels Eje, creator of MusiCure

MusiCure can best be characterized as special kind of universal music, which both reflects Niels Eje's completely personal expression, and at the same time has a foundation in many years of research in the field of 'music as medicine'. The MusiCure productions include more than 16 hours of original compositions and music-based soundscapes with
elements of nature, and always with 'real' acoustic instruments and soloists. Creating adventurous and calming atmospheres, where independent international research since 1999 has documented the effect in reducing stress, anxiety, pain, depression and insomnia.

Niels Eje, Sound
environment designer

Niels Eje as keynote speaker at a symposium for cardiac nurses in 2018 with a presentation of MusiCure in Copenhagen University Hospital's great auditorium (Rigshospitalet CPH).
The development started at this hospital's intensive care unit 4131 in 1998, where Niels Eje prepared and realized the first thoughts and productions for a better sound environment, together with Professor MD Lars Heslet.
Everything that is created and published since 1998 has been based on the evidence and research with MusiCure, which independent researchers from several countries have carried out, and which today is published in international medical journals.

Listen to MusiCure Sound Atmosphere examples

MusiCure Nordic Light

Composed by  Niels Eje 

MusiCure Blackbird's Song
 Composed by Niels Eje

 MusiCure Winter

   Composed by Niels Eje

The development and creation of MusiCure is based on 20 years of independent research
By 2023, more than 35 articles about research projects with MusiCure have been published in international Medical Journals

Background and History - Inge and Niels Eje

From employees in the Danish symphony orchestras to independent developers and creators of MusiCure.
The creators of MusiCure, Inge and Niels Eje, with a background in the artist families Hagedorn-Olsen and Eje, are both educated as professionals musicians from the Music Academy - Inge as cellist and Niels as oboist. During the 1980s, they were employed by the Copenhagen Symphony Orchestras, Niels as co-principal Oboe in the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Inge as cellist in Copenhagen Phil. In 1990 they both chose to resign their permanent positions to carry out their own projects and visions, i.a. with the ensemble Trio Rococo and other activities with chamber music, soloist activities, composition, production and development.

Symphony Orchestra and Trio Rococo

The Fountains of Rome by Ottorino Respighi - Conductor: Lamberto Gardelli - DR Symphony Orchestra with the soloists in this clip: Niels Eje: Oboe - Jørgen Jensen: Clarinet - Morten Zeuthen: Cello - Toke Lund Christiansen and Jens Bøje Hansen Flute

Live in TV2 Lorry - The Trio plays John Lennon's melody 'In my Life' from the album 'Classical Mystery Tour', with interpretations of Beatles songs, arranged and written by Niels Eje for Trio Rococo. The trio received a Gold Award for the album, as well as a letter of recognition from the Beatles' own legendary producer George Martin.
TRIO ROCOCO: Niels Eje, oboe - Berit Spælling, harp - Inge Mulvad Eje, cello

Awards and Events

The 'Janteknuser' - Culture Prize

The Business Promotion Agency 2001

1st Price professionel from Blair Sadler 

'The Society for the Arts in Healthcare',
USA, 2007

 'Bridge builders' - Healthy Research
Healthy Research magazine 2018

MusiCure at Children's Ward in Spain

MusiCure Albums at  John Bell Croyden Pharmacy, Wigmore Street, London

Scandic Health, presenting MusiCure at NAMI konference, Washington D.C. USA