Presentation of new results with MusiCure by composer Niels Eje 

At the Annual Meeting of the Snoezel Network on 29. April 2022 in Middelfart, DK, with the theme "Music and vibration as medicine", Niels Eje presented background and latest research with MusiCure music and film, and demonstrated the MusiCure Pillow, which has shown very positive results in the treatment of delirium patients.

Niels Eje and Tina Skaarup Blenstrup presented The new Cocoon comfort Chair containing a new produced MusiCure program

In their May issue, the Canadian journal "Dementia Connections" has published a new article about the composer Niels Eje, who has created and developed the original MusiCure compositions, based on 20 years of independent research from several countries. The music is created to de-stress, motivate and inspire people who are admitted to hospitals and care centers at home and abroad.
Here is a link to the journal, where the article will later be available online, on page 29:

Positive results with MusiCure Pillow for delirium patients

New results with the MusiCure Pillow for delirium patients.
North Zealand Hospital, Hillerød, Denmark, publish their very positive results with the MusiCure Pillow's effect on delirium patients. Positive results that correspond to the previously announced results from Hvidovre Hospital.
Reference: 'Report from North Zealand Hospital 2020 'Music as a complimenting treatment method for inpatients with delirium' PDF report written by Camilla Engelstoft Hess Clinical nursing specialist, cand.cur.

The report concludes: The purpose of the improvement project was to test the effect of the MusiCure pillows as a complementary treatment method for patients who developed delirium during hospitalization. The intervention period showed that the patients who received music went out of delirium faster and needed less sedative medication. It must therefore be argued that the music pillows can be used as a first priority before any sedative medication is used to treat delirium. In addition, the use of the music pillows resulted in the less need for the use of permanent guards when patients were listening to the music. The department's financial expenses, associated with the use of permanent guards, were therefore significantly reduced during the intervention period.

Also an article in the local newspaper SN 10th May 2020
"Pillows with built-in music are a hit at the hospital"
Based on the good results from both Hvidovre and North Zealand Hospitals, the MusiCure Pillows are now also tested on delirium patients at several other hospitals, including Herlev and Rigshospitalet.

TV feature and article in Danish TV2 Lorry
An eight-week trial of MusiCure pillows at Hvidovre Hospital has now been completed successfully. The pillows that can potentially reduce the cost of medication are now becoming a regular part of the treatment.
Watch features about the project on TV2 Lorry


Autumn 2021

MusiCure in the USA
The organization HEALTHCARE DENMARK has now published a news article about the introduction of MusiCure music and films in the American hospitals.
MusiCure is created by Inge and Niels Eje, and in collaboration with their American partner Scandic Health, founded by nurse Anne Taylor, it has now been successfully implemented  in several hospitals in the USA.
More than 20 years of development and evidence is the foundation for the creation of MusiCure music and the specially produced films with nature, which represents a stimulating supplement to the experience of the music.
See the news about MusiCure in the USA from Healthcare Denmark here:
Innovative Danish sound solution - Healthcare Denmark

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"Surgery patients wake up in the middle of the forest" References:
Dorthe Hasfeldt-Hansen Clinical Nursing Researcher, Ph.D. & Postdoc.
Anesthesiology-Intensive Care Unit V OUH and Department Nurse Britt Darley.

November 2021

November 2021
Important notice for our visitors and customers: The previous MusiCure web shop closes down per. December 1st, where our new web site is launched.
The MusiCure CDs will thus no longer be available online - we refer instead to our streaming service MusiCure Stream, where all MusiCure material (music and nature films, including all the original albums) is available for direct streaming at: 

New updated results from OUH Anesthesiology-Intensive Care Department V. showing MusiCure films with music for patients waking up after surgery. A survey with over 300 patients, showed that 98% of the patients found it soothing and relaxing to wake up after surgery, 94% of the nurses expressed the same conclusion.
"Surgery patients wake up in the middle of the forest"
Text: Tine Gündvad Polat - Photo: Heidi Lundsgaard

Event at Copenhagen University Hospital - Rigshospitalet auditorium I - 2018

Niels Eje was invited as a keynote speaker at the Cardiological Nursing Symposium at Rigshospitalet, with the participation of nurses from the Capital Region and Region Zealand. Here, the latest research results and publications with MusiCure were presented.

Niels Eje as keynote speaker, Rigshospitalet DK

August 2018
MusiCure Pillow tested on demented citizens.
A comprehensive user study of the MusiCure pillow and its effect on demented citizens was conducted at an elderly care center in the spring of 2018 in Favrskov municipality, Central Jutland Region. The purpose of the study is to test the use of the MusiCure pillow and music over a longer period of time and the results of the overall study are now published in a 20-page report, as well as in a brief user guide. The test of the pillow with a speciel MusiCure program was rated 5 stars out of 5 and showed a significant improvement in the mental state of the demented citizens.